Post 10-Foot Pain and Leg Pain-Riding Charley Horse

Don and Cindy

Author, Don Penven and Faithful Companion – CindyLou

Considerable research into foot and leg pain has been mostly hit and miss. The major medical institutions credit the cause as a lack of exercise and insufficient mineral content in the diet. Using these two facts as a course to follow I have picked up on exercise and am taking certain supplements.

While many memories have faded some time ago, I don’t recall having many encounters with a Charley Horse as a younger man. Now I’m passed the mid-point of my 70s and for several years I was averaging 2-3 Charley Horse visits per month.

The foot pain I suffer results in the muscles of either foot drawing into an arched configuration. Try as I might, I can’t seem to overcome the discomfort. I have simply just waited until it went away.

Leg pains or leg cramps have been more frequent. And it is really rare for me to suffer an attack during daytime hours. More often than not, the Charley Horse rides into my life during the dark hours between midnight and 6:00 a.m.

Once I passed age 60, as I mentioned before, I experienced 2-3 attacks per month. Looking at medical science’s prognosis, I stepped up exercising and began taking supplement.

My exercise amounts to several trips around the neighborhood walking my dog, Cindy Lou. Cindy the Wonder Dog! Cindy was abandoned as a 3-4 month old puppy during Hurricane Floyd as it flooded Eastern North Carolina. She was rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard and became our “Pound Puppy.”

Cindy’d dog age is pretty close to my human age so both of us are a lot slower. On day’s where I work an 8-hour day (3-4 days per week), we walk 4-5 times. On my days off it may increase to 6-7 walks.

I am a firm believer in vitamin and mineral supplements. I take a name-brand multi-vitamin formulated for folks over 50. I also take 4000 units per day of vitamin D3.

Using just about a 5-month period, I have averaged just 1-2 Charley Horses per month. So is my plan working? Wait and see.


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